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How Pentex Consultancy can help you.

Our Experience

Pentex has supported many great companies through the years and this is a service open to all. We can bring decades of experience in process management, project management, engineering management, and H&S implementation to your existing team and business. Our skillsets are considerable and span across engineering disciplines, manufacturing management roles and directorships.

We can and have fulfilled roles to cover interim periods where a larger project required the untethering of existing team members to focus on business implementations. We can offer cover of your roles where an existing manager or director has suddenly left the business or became incapacitated. Perhaps you require the eye of an external professional to your process or team to help analyse gaps or improvement strategies.

what we offer

Being able to work with an unlimited number of external contractors and support companies allows Pentex to be kept abreast of some of the latest developments in site services, process improvements for both efficiencies and budgetary control whilst not being tied to any one company all of the time. This gives us the ability to discuss multiple options with you around a number of aspects when considering how best to develop your business’s current mindset and how to challenge your competitors.

We are able to support companies across the nation and have done so for many years already. We like to start any role replacement or cover with a first consultation to work with you to understand not just what is required in the immediate but how this can be taken forward. At all times discretion and confidentiality are maintained and we encourage companies to complete NDA documents whenever enlisting external consultancy.

We typically cover most FMCG companies associated within packaging (all material types) as well as food production, insulation manufacture and machine assembly.

roles typically provided

Engineering Management

This includes day to day HR responsibilities of teams, budget control, PPM & TPM routine creation and implementation, continuous improvement, investment and cost analysis.

Quality/BRC review & management

This includes working to and within the standards of ISO9001, ISO14001, BRC Global Standard in packaging.

Site/Operations Management & Directorship

This includes team and company relationship development, 1,3,5 year business continuation plans, CAPEX strategy creation, implementation, commissioning and continuous improvement and workplace satisfaction systems.


expert knowledge when you need it

Peter Mackintosh

Head Consultant

A fully indentured Electrical apprentice who rose through his engineering training to move into Plastics manufacturing at an early age, Peter Mackintosh has worked within well-established world manufacturers absorbing all of the training and awareness this ‘bigger company’ mentality and ethos can host to then work within Europes largest thermoformer where his skills and training continued to encompass not just professional development but also to develop and enshrine his commitment to the ecological and sociological roles business play within our communities.

This self awareness and continued empathetic approach from Peter ensures that in all roles that Pentex fulfil we are always working with you and your business to create sustainable and ever striving beneficial growth of our working together.

We would be happy to discuss your consultancy requirements and how we can work together with you to implement these and work together moving toward your continued business growth and success.