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A partnership of over 12 years and only getting stronger brings Viscotec and Pentex to you to present the total market leaders in PET processing for I.V, S.S.P, Sheet extrusion and now also Polyolefin decontamination, deodorising & food-grade compliance.

Viscotec’s decontamination reactors are proven through hundreds of implemented reactors and decontamination vessels around the world but also through more than 20 units in the U.K & Ireland alone. These units work tirelessly to produce the cleanest bottle flake for the next downstream process when measuring against FDA & EFSA requirements – nobody else decontaminates to a higher success rate than Viscotec. This decontamination not only permits direct food contact giving the ability to extrude direct without the need for co-extrusion but also provides a material that is increased in bulk density, fully dried to within 50ppm moisture content, maintains higher I.V and also at little to no added energy cost as material processed and consumed reduces energy consumption downstream when used continuously.

Visoctec’s SSP or Solid State Polycondensation reactors give not just the facility to ensure total food-grade compliance of all of your material formats (Pellet, Regrind, Flake) but also to bring I.V lift to your desired level and to give the industry’s lowest AA or Acetyl Aldehyde levels ensuring compliance not just to legislated standards but also to the even more taxing compliance requirements of water bottlers and the infamous Coke standard.

The Viscosheet total PET Sheet extrusion line package offers total control and stability in processing all material formats of PET. Pioneered originally for true 100% PET Bottle flake implementation respecting the key factors of I.V preservation, sheet gauge control and dealing with the most contaminated of input materials the line easily falls into place when being required to run other material formats also – not a statement that can be met by other suppliers.

The Viscosheet package brings the ability to not just extrude sheets in PET but also is well established in PP, PLA, and many other base materials. Packages are always discussed fully between you and us to ensure total awareness of all eventualities of the finished product, and how this can be achieved with a tailored solution that is not just able to support your production now but also into the future through truly adaptable technology and machines able to be re-configured as the market demands.

The Viscosheet solution tailored to your needs can be realised from a simple mono-extrusion system to a multi-layer, multiple co-extruder format able to create a co-extruded, laminated, bi or tri-tone sheet that is monitored continuously by Viscotec’s own control system ensuring total control, feedback and critically true recall of the entire lines operations retrievable by yourself at any time through the integrated machine database protocol.

The Viscosheet systems have been implemented across the U.K & Ireland by heritage and new-to-market companies showing our ability to bring something new to the marketplace and our partnership with total novice operators developing into fully aware and able sheet extruders in a very rapid time.

Speak with us to understand how a viscosheet system can bring your company reduced requirement of operator competency levels, considerable energy savings, a more stable and repeatable sheet quality, and superior support.

Speak with us to understand how a Viscosheet system can bring your company reduced requirement of operator competency levels, considerable energy savings, a more stable and repeatable sheet quality, and superior support.

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