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About REPI

REPI present continuous development and improvement to the additives and colourants marketplace through decades and multi-generational ownership of Italian family heritage. This long-standing global leader in liquid colourants is now also represented through REPI U.K in Liverpool and has customer support and quality always in mind and at its forefront.

REPI champions total control of your process through an unchallenged dosing system that not only doses through a gear pump to ensure total displacement of only what is pumped – not even possible with systems by others but this is totally proven by the dosed material also being continuously monitored and recorded by a loss in weight system. Through this dosing method and its witnessing REPI has ensured a system that will always bring reliability and traceability to your colour and additive management.

The REPI system can also be automated through such collaborations as with Colorlite, another Pentex partner, where a line system can monitor your colour saturation or haze value and make real-time adjustments to your REPI doser to allow total product unity from the first to the last kilo of product. This system always gives the customer reduced colourant costs and reduced quality rejects – a double saving.

REPI are ready to work with you on any additive enquiry you may have across a wrath of industry fields and end uses in almost all polyolefin and polymer material base types.

REPI aren’t just for colours. With the ever-continuing trend to move away from colour to create a singular material stream work with REPI to see how we can increase your I.V, reduce your AA levels and keep clear as clear.

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