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Having an established marketplace respect for being the leader in reliable, market-leading and technically robust decorative solutions for over 50 years is a truly remarkable statement that can only belong to one supplier – VANDAM. We work with you to understand you and your end clients’ decorative needs and together can develop a tailored solution to provide cost-effective, total circularity developed true market-leading solutions.

Having proven to the world that Dry offset only has one leader VANDAM are now working to bring a totally new concept to a totally proven engineering profile – FDoR, Flex Direct onto Rigid. Primarily the concept of the technology is similar to Dry offset but with huge technological developments getting the technicalities of Dry Offset alleviated and bringing hugely reduced operational costs when compared to all other formats – Injection Moulded labels, Shrink Sleeves, Over sleeve in cardboard, paper or fibre in line.

FDoR brings CMYK colour control to Dry offset BUT with the facility to overlap colours and so bring an unlimited pallet of colour and the ability to print excellent image quality all at speeds of up to 650 units per minute. We have developed this technology along with our ink providers to give a totally recyclable solution where the decoration remains vibrant and present through the fill, ship and customer presentation and consumption stages but now is washed away in the already existing recyclability channels to give a bare unimpregnated container ready for recycling through traditional existing channels.

VANDAM has completed multiple customer-proving cycles and have worked with various global research and fellow institutes to bring this proven circular technology to market.

Talk with us to understand how you can remove the complexity of stock holding labels, reduce your market entry time from 6-8 weeks to 2-3 days and reduce your decoration costs by 50-70%.

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